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The most intimate way to interact with technology is by touching and feeling it.

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We make every surface sensitive.

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With tacterion physical interaction does not stop at the touchscreen.



Using tacterion sensor technology our customers in different industries can measure tactile interaction data where they have not been able to measure it before: the completely flexible SensorSkin sensor technology stretches and bends with the surface it is applied upon. We enable products to sense touch. This way we enable our customers to offer end users a completely new kind of intuitive physical interaction experience.



"Using our unique sensor technology, together with our industry partners we create products that sense the physical contact with the environment and therefore can become more intelligent."

Michael Strohmayr, CEO of tacterion


Get an introduction to SensorSkin by tacterion Founder Daniel Strohmayr in this video:

tacterion offers unique sensor products: polymer-based tactile sensors called SensorSkin. We offer SensorSkin for different applications: in Robotics, in MedTech or as a new kind of input device in Human-Machine-Interaction (HMI). The rubber foil-like SensorSkin sensor is connected to our highly sophisticated readout electronic component: the platform-independent solution translates the physical interaction into data which digital systems can process.

What is SensorSkin?

tacterion's SensorSkin brings the sense of touch to the surfaces of your products. SensorSkin is stretchable and can be applied on 3D-curved and deformable surfaces.
We customize the sensor to your needs - you can choose customized sensor properties:

  • Size
  • Resolution
  • Measurement range

What SensorSkin can do for you

We allow to measure interaction data where no one was able to measure before. This allows our B2B customers to

  • make products more intelligent and safer since they feel the physical inter-action with the user (Robotics/MedTech)
  • create completely new interfaces for the IoT and digital devices to interact just by touching them on the surface
  • individualize interaction through intelligent adaption to user behavior

We help our customers to design their products more human-centered.

What does SensorSkin do?

SensorSkin's force-sensitive layer detects location and intensity of the pressure applied by the user. The sensor achieves unrivaled characteristics: at the same time highly sensitive but very robust - it does not break even if you exert strong force.
SensorSkin provides you with highly intimate physical interaction data: where and how do your users touch your product, how do they actually interact with it?

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Scalable spatial resolution & measurement range

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Stretchable to any shape even 3D shaped and deformable

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Highly sensitive & Overload-proof

Want to find out more? Request More Info! Touch SensorSkin.
How do you want to change the way your customers and users interact with your technology?
Find out, how it can improve your product!
We are happy to provide you with more detailed information or to give you a live-demo on-site to demonstrate its capabilities. We provide you with engineering and design support to integrate our technology into your product to make best use of SensorSkin’s capabilities. Working together closely in Design Thinking workshops we evaluate possible use cases and optimize the user interaction. In a next step we provide you with a customized sensor solution.



How it works
tacterion's Technology was developed over seven years of a team at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The patent protected technology is completely polymer-based. The technological principle are sensitive elements that measure based on transition resistivity: The more pressure is exerted on the polymer-based, electrically conducting elements, the lower the transition resistivity is, which is being measured continuously. Using our highly integrated high-speed readout electronics, a matrix of sensor elements can be combined to form sensitive surfaces. The readout electronics provides information regarding pressure and its distribution at a frame rate of 400 Hz.

For more detailed technical information please
get in touch!

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A patch of SensorSkin with high resolution used for a fingertip sensor in Robotics (Photo: Holger Urbanek).


We offer SensorSkin for customers in industry who are always on the edge of creating innovative products. On the basis of our highly versatile sensors in joint development we customize SensorSkin to a sensitive pilot product to best meet user requirements.

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  • Application of SensorSkin on the robot surface
  • Safe interaction during collaborative work
  • Intuitive Human-Robot Interaction with light weight robots
  • Use of SensorSkin on fingertips
  • Reactive grasping
  • Object recognition
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  • Application of SensorSkin on grippers
  • Enables intelligent handling of non-standardized objects (e.g. fruit, vegetables)

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  • Using tacterion technology MedTech providers are building new and more intelligent solutions for patient care
  • SensorSkin enables the gathering of highly specific data on patient care (e.g. on the nursing bed)
  • Our technology can help avoid pressure ulcers and can bring a higher quality of life to those in care
  • The data we can deliver will play a crucial role for transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of the quality of care
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  • Integration of SensorSkin into Wristbands of Smart Watches and Smart Wristbands.
  • Integration into Smart Apparel
  • Transmit touch feeling between long distance
  • Completely new way of haptic communication

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  • SensorSkin on Human Interface Devices
  • Adds additional degrees of freedom (e.g. in CAD/CAM, Design)
  • Enables intuitive interfaces
  • Application of SensorSkin on controlling devices
  • Enables cyber-physical gaming
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  • Application on interior surfaces (steering wheel/seats)
  • Driver/passenger surveillance and assistance, driver identification
  • Intuitive Human-Car-Interaction (e.g. Infotainment)


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About tacterion

tacterion is a high-tech hardware company based in Munich/Germany. tacterion provides a unique sensor technology that allows the objects of the Internet of Things to feel the physical interaction just the way humans do with their skin. The technology is integrated into industry systems as well as in consumer products and devices. tacterion is a B2B technology provider delivering sensor hardware, electronics, software and tactile data management.

Mission & Vision

We are convinced that in the future the relationship we have to technology will be much more intimate than today. We enable to measure highly personal tactile interaction data where no one was able to measure before. We provide the Internet of Things with the Sense of Touch which enables designers to make their products more intelligent.
Our growing team is working hard to fundamentally change the way we interact with technology. We want to be the revolution in human-machine interaction with the goal to make the world more human centered.


tacterion is a spin-off from the German aerospace center (DLR). Since 2007 at the Robotics and Mechatronics Center (RMC) research was conducted that lead to the development of the tacterion technology - a new kind of tactile sensor. The team of researchers found a solution to a problem that in the robotics community no one was able to solve over 30 years. The tacterion team formed in 2014 to bring this groundbreaking technology to market. Two DLR engineers were joined by a Technology & Innovation Management Expert.


The team working on your individual tactile sensor solution based in Bavaria's capital and High-tech hub Munich.

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We unite the best from different worlds: three engineers from the world-renowned German Aerospace Center (DLR) are working on your sensor solution. The team is completed by technology management know-how from Munich's Elite Program 'Center for Digital Technology & Management' (CDTM).


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Dr. Michael Strohmayr
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Sensor Technology

Michael studied Mechatronics (HS Augsburg) and Biomedical Engineering at TUM. He did his Ph.D. at KIT in Karlsruhe and at DLR. He has extensive work experience from DLR and Bosch.

As inventor and technology pioneer Michael is dedicated to scale the technology from lab to everybody’s palm. With his rich ideas he solves the toughest problems. Michael has filed a number of patents.


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Daniel Strohmayr
Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

Business Development, Marketing & Sales

Daniel studied Business Administration at LMU and Technology Management at CDTM Munich. He worked in strategic product management for Porsche, for a VC and has Start-Up experience. He worked in technology transfer at Fraunhofer for two years and as Consultant for Innovation & New Business for 1.5 years before founding his own innovation consulting firm. Daniel is a Max Weber scholarship holder.

As expert in Innovation and Technology Management, Daniel builds the bridges between Technology and Market.

tacterion is accelerated by

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tacterion is a spin-off from the Robotics and Mechatronics Center of the German Aerospace Center (DLR).
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Thee spin-off was supported by the Helmholtz Enterprise fund.

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Out of 140 applications, tacterion was chosen as one of the seven teams of the #1 Batch of TechFounders.
tacterion is member No. 143 of the exclusive worldwide community of Hardware Startups Hardware Club (Paris/Taipei/San Francisco).

Awards & Prizes

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Out of 100 applicants tacterion was chosen as one best three Start-Ups 2015 in the Internet of Things category of Bitkom's Innovator's Pitch and given the chance to pitch at the Hub conference in Berlin December 2015

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International Conference on
Intelligent Robots and Systems IROS 2015 Start-Up Competition Finalist Hamburg October 2015.
Chosen as member of Alpha Class of the WebSummit Dublin November 2015.
tacterion is Winner of the Munich Business Plan Competition 2016 (Phase 1, March 2016).
tacterion was selected as one of the top 7 Startups out of 3000 applications in the Pioneers500 Startup competition May 2016.

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#1 Prize Winner Entrepreneurship Award of the European Robotics Forum in Vienna March 2015.
#1 Allianz Digital Accelerator Pitch Award Winner Munich September 2015.
Out of 200 applicants tacterion was elected as one the seven best Start-Ups and given the chance to pitch at the 500 Startups Pitch competition at Bits&Pretzels Munich September 2015.

tacterion is supported by a strong network
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Academic Partners

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Want to become part of the revolution in Human-Machine-Interaction?

We are constantly looking for great talent in the following domains:

- Industrial Design / Product development
- Polymer-based manufacturing/Operations
- Software engineering / Electrical Engineering
- Business Development / B2B Sales
If you want to join a fun but hard-working team at delivering customer-specific solutions using an exciting technology send your application to jobs@tacterion.com. We are looking for highly talented students as well as graduates and professionals.

We offer challenging positions in a young company with a great vision. Become part of the tacterion team and shape the way we interact with technology in the future!
tacterion is hiring - we are waiting for you!


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